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Craft Your Taste is a handy digital tool for today’s and tomorrow’s winemakers. In a simple way you manage your entire vineyard. From pruning to bottling. Thus, we strive for a more transparent production of wine.

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Always in your pocket

You use Craft Your Taste as a web application or as a mobile app on your smartphone. So you always have the overview of your vineyard at hand. That allows you to enter or modify data immediately. Through a web browser, you create clear reports in a few steps and reduce your administration. That way you spend more time doing what you love: making wine.

Easy registration

After a one-time input of your plots and vine types, you can start entering data on spraying, pruning, harvesting, maintenance, … It allows you to quickly create specific reports for the competent authorities or to manage your vineyard more easily. During a demo, we will explain to you how this tool works.

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This unique web and mobile application fully maps the flow of your viticulture and viniculture. For better traceability of your wine. Everything you need to manage your vineyard and make wine can be found here in a convenient overview. This way you have all the data at hand and make reports quickly, for yourself and for the competent authorities.

With Craft Your Taste, you track your product from the vineyard, through the harvest and into the wine cellar. Totally tailored to your workflow.


Where does the wine come from, how is the grape harvested, what production methods are used, … To achieve a pure, honest product, Tastefever is strongly committed to traceability of all the components that make wine from a grape. It is a process in which sustainability and ecology are important, but also how you handle labor or how you market the wine.

By increasing traceability, you create transparency in your production process and build a solid relationship of trust with other suppliers and with consumers.


Social, economic and environmental sustainability all matter to those who produce wine. Operating in a sustainable manner is a must. Winemaking is part of agriculture, but also includes marketing, travel, material consumption, production, … With Tastefever, we strive to promote a shared vision of sustainability within the wine sector.

We do not carry that mission alone. We invite all winemakers to step into the story with us and share their priorities, issues, concerns and best practices.

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We will guide you from start to finish with your registration!
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Transform your winery with our digital application!

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